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Steeler Nation defends dissed Roethlisberger from golf blogger

It's the first time I have ever been to this blog ... why would I ever want to read ramblings about golf anyway? I like real sports, thank you.

But I just had to comment about this guy's comments: The rest of the world (read: anyone who is unlucky or stupid enough to not be a Steelers fan) has always been jealous of the Steelers. It was that way when they were the first NFL team to win four Super Bowls and now that they have won No. 5 the jealousy has returned in full force.

The best this guy can do is compare Big Ben to John Daly? That is hilarious! Oooh ... how insulting!

Steeler Nation, listen up: These chowderheads are jealous, narrow-minded losers! I wouldn't be surprised if this Baldwin guy is a Bungals or Browns or Raiders fan. But more than likely, he doesn't like or understand football. He just likes ... golf?

So forget about him. He'll come up with some stupid, juvenile comment. He no doubt has lots of time to ponder these things as he tries to hit the little ball past the windmills and giant plastic dinosaurs.


Richard Smith

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  • Another classy post from a classy Steelers fan

    Brandon Tucker wrote on: Jun 21, 2006

    That's right, Dick. Baldwin is comparing the two because he's jealous of the Steelers' rings. Steelers fans are almost as obnoxious as Ohio State fans. And classy, too. Aren't a bunch of Steelers fans currently threatening the poor little grandma that hit the helmet-less Ben?
    Big Ben is a moron driving around without a helmet. Daly is a moron because he drinks and gambles too much. Alas, an association.
    At least in Detroit, us fans have the balls to attack the opposing players, not defenseless grandmas.


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