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Dogs on golf courses? Time to get a clue people!

There, this column proves there is a first for everything. Now I'm going to agree with something Chris Baldwin has to say???? Damn it, but he's right. It's time more folks stood up for the really important things in this life and world, (and domestic pets, although important to many, aren't anywhere near the top of the list as believed by far too many people).

Lets put people first, may it be on the golf course or "anywhere else" for that matter. Just keep your dog, cat, lizard, rat, goldfish or whatever away from my golf game, my lakeside campsite, my garden, (on which I've wasted so many hours), or anywhere else where I or anyone else can not enjoy any pursuit we choose without having your "BABY" interfere with that enjoyment. Go to the "Dog Park"... Leave the rest of us alone.

Gee, I guess that makes me a nasty unfeeling wretch to all the poor slobs who can't develop a decent relationship with other humans so they try to replace that with a creature who really can't do much to control their own environment and are completely dependent on their "masters."

By the way, having been a greens supervisor myself, riding around a course with the course mascot is almost always related to chasing away unwanted "animals" like coots, geese, etc. Smell the coffee folks, it's "your" animal no one else gives a damn about it and shouldn't have to listen to it, be afraid of it, or be interfered with by it ... I guess I'm just old and crochety.

Chuck Collet

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