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Reader: "Redneck" a derogatory term, respect NASCAR fans

Chris Baldwin went overboard in his article about rednecks and NASCAR. I am an avid golfer who plays courses such as Pinehurst2 and The Ocean course at Kiawah, Tanglewood Championship Course in Clemmons, Charlotte Country Club in Charlotte, and Old North State club to name a few. I have never worn a T-shirt or jeans on a golf course. I don't curse and throw clubs or get drunk, in fact I never drink on a golf course, either.

However, I do enjoy watching the races and even go to the races, Charlotte, Bristol, Martinsville and Rich mond. I have never worn a t-shirt at a race but always a golf shirt. I have never had a beer at a race but water or soda. I take my family with me and we have more fun at a race, any race than we did going to round four of the US Open in Pinehurst.

When your writer starts putting the word redneck and NASCAR together, he is being racially motivated. I take offense that I would be called a redneck by anyone because I enjoy watching or going to races. In fact, they are much more entertaining than going to a golf tournament. Standing at a hole all day or walking the course and seeing only what you see in front of you, you miss everything going on. It's much different at a race. You see it all in front of you.

I agree there is a lot of drinking going on at races, but unless you are blind, there is a lot of drinking going on the golf course and at PGA tournaments. Look in a trashcan or every time the TV is on the stands, the spectators are all holding beers.

I am truly disappointed that the writer of this article has stooped so low to get racially/ethnically involved on an article. Think about if he had written that blacks were too much jewelry on the golf course. Or at an NBA game. What kind of response do you think that would receive? Somebody needs to edit what gets published, whether on the Internet or on paper in a company's name is on it.

Thank you for reading,.

Jim Rhyne
Winston-Salem, N.C.

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