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Reader says relax about Europe's Ryder Cup ride

My, my, Mr. Tucker, what a bias you have, and what strong speculation about the rest of the world. However, I am sure that you do it for reaction from readers, maybe even fellow Americans. Although you're somewhat critical about Mr. Garcia's attire, he still looks more presentable than his PGA counterparts on U.S. courses. However, the point may be put better that Mr. Woods' desire to win might have been greater.

Peter Baker, Ryder Cup
Why do Peter Baker and Ian Woosnam get to hoist the Ryder Cup? Because the Europeans know how to play as a team, one reader says.
Peter Baker, Ryder Cup

Your speculation about Europeans, pointing to their dominance in the Ryder Cup, is a little extreme, as they are a little more reserved and don't throw it in the face of the U.S., as you put it. And I doubt if you are in a position to describe tastelessness.

My dear boy, the Ryder Cup is meant to be different, and although most tournaments are competitive, now we have to determine if we can get along with our playing partners. We sure can slap each other on the butt, but can we work as a team? I think the Europeans have perfected that. It's a totally different style of playing. Remember, the Europeans are made up of the rest of the world and the U.S. team is made up of itself. What's that tell you?

Lastly, I never read or heard anything untoward from the Europeans about a U.S. winner, and if you heard the support from the crowds, representing more countries than the U.S., you would rethink that thought. It's not all about you and the U.S., it's about all of us. You and the media concentrate on people like Mr. Woods and Miss Wie and taint people interested in the sport and put them in a compromising position, but that's the U.S. way. In spite of all that, we still accept you. Thanks for opening the book for others to critique.

Paul Armstrong

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