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If conditions are great, thank the golf-course superintendent

Chris Baldwin, I read your article on the best-conditioned golf courses in Palm Springs on TravelGolf.com via the daily WorldGolf Wire and enjoyed seeing some attention paid to the subject. But I am surprised - and a bit disappointed - that you didn't even mention that the superintendents at those courses are the professionals most responsible for the course conditions you deemed best.

Reading the article, it makes it sound as if the head pros or GMs are responsible. I would think the quotes should come from the superintendents.

I also followed a related link from the side of that page to your "Why do golf writers ignore what golfers care about most?" column from last March. It too does a marvelous job of lauding the work of golf-course superintendents without quoting them or even mentioning them.

I don't know all the facts, so maybe you tried and were unsuccessful in reaching any of them, but I just wanted to introduce myself and offer my assistance to you in the future as a resource.

We certainly appreciate your attention to the subject and you mentioning in both posts the Golf Digest avid-golfer survey findings that course conditions rank No. 1 in round satisfaction.

You might have seen that Links Magazine released a study in its November/December 2006 issue that found that the No. 1 reason a golfer would not return to a resort for golf-related activities is course conditions - ahead of high prices, slow play, carts on path only and poor service. Here is a link to the survey.

Bill Newton
Manager, Media/Public Relations
Golf Course Superintendents Association of America
Lawrence, Kans.

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