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Golf photographer: Give me John Daly over Monty any day

In response to Chris Baldwin's caustic golf blog on John Daly getting injured at the Honda Classic after a camera was clicked ("John Daly's camera click injury at Honda confirms his status as world's most pathetic 'athlete'"): You guys obviously haven't spent time with our very own Colin 'Monty' Montgomerie.

Colin Montgomerie
Forget John Daly - Colin Montgomerie is golf photographers' biggest headache, according to one shooter.
Colin Montgomerie

As a pro photographer I have had to endure endless stares, eyes to the sky, sighs, "Stop that chaps," "That's enough chaps" to last me a bloody lifetime. Conversely, the last time I saw Big John with a snapper it was at Gleneagles and he was mucking about with the guy's lens, and laughing and joking about cameras. Perhaps you got him on a bad day, but when Monty gets you in his sights there's no such thing as a good day.

David Cruickshanks
Fife, Scotland

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