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Get out and learn about the world, reader tells TravelGolf.com writer

I don't like the tone of Brandon Tucker's article (about the balance of power between European and American golf). It's written with all the xenophobic and bigoted flair of the KKK. "Their" tournament has been lifted all but twice by Americans...That is fine, and the reason we call it 'The Open' is that it is open to all, with qualifying rounds before hand, a little like your "U.S. Open".

Don't be an insular monkey, Brandon! There's more to the world than the U.S.

You need to appreciate that your comments are read the world over, get yourself a passport and brave the world outside of the states. You insular monkey!

Rob Jones

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  • Rivalries are a little different than hate crimes

    Brandon Tucker wrote on: Sep 19, 2006

    If we can't have heated rivalries in sports, why compete against each other? I take digs at Ohio State during football season on an almost hourly basis, that doesn't mean I want them all burned at the stake.
    It sounds like you have an awful lot to learn about the KKK, too.
    And since when did saying Europe has better beer and nicer airports become an insult?
    You're right though about needing to get a passport, the one I have now is almost full, that's what happens when you're abroad for the better part of the last two years.
    -Brandon Tucker


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