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Reader calls Lincoln Trail C.C. in Vine Grove, Ky. a waste

The Lincoln Trail Country Club in Vine Grove, Ky., has nothing going for it. The greens are poorly maintained, the fairways are brown and hard even when it's been raining often. Add a little heat and they turn into dirt.

Lincoln Trail Country Club
Lincoln Trail Country Club
Lincoln Trail Country Club

The golf pro is a jerk, especially if you're not a member. One of the owners, named Shirley, needs to have a personality transplant - her rudeness is only rivaled by the golf pro.

There's a kid that works there and washes the carts. He jumped on a cart and cut across the fairways while we were trying to hit. He jumped on the tee box in front of us and started hitting. He then made us wait for eight or nine minutes while he hunted for the ball he sliced in the rough stuff. He finally waved us through and while we were hitting our second shot he must have found his ball and hit it right past us.

They keep losing members and can't understand why, but they keep on charging hefty prices to play on their dirt course.

Putting? The greens SUCK! I don't know of a polite way to put it. They are unputtable. Save your money and go play at the golf courses in Bardstown or Elizabethtown.

Bert Fern

Radcliffe, Ky.

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