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'Controversy' aside, Michelle Wie is an interesting phenomena

Tim McDonald's column was very informative regarding the attitudes of golf writers and fans toward the Wie phenomenom. Perhaps what is found on blogs is not representative of golf fans in general. The discussions I have seen elsewhere have not been so polarized.

While I have closely followed Michelle Wie's progress and have written more than one critical reply, I have not attacked anyone's personality or capability. I have only questioned the facts.

1. Learn to win. I have seen little mention by this camp of the wins she has posted or the value of learning to just play and score well. Also, the value of amateur success seems to be over rated. There are many amateur champions with poor professional resumes.

2. Support the LPGA. Wie has played all the LPGA events allowed. She has not played all the PGA Tour events allowed.

3. "Queen Wie's grand plan." Easy there! As far as I know there are some VERY ambitious goals, but no grand plan. Michelle apparently wants to attend Stanford. However, there is still doubt as to whether that will be as a pro or not. She wants to play the Masters. There is doubt as to whether she will continue to try to qualify as an amateur or not. She wants to do things no one else has done. This does not equal a grand plan, merely a teen's wishes.

For or agin', Wie is an interesting subject.

George Mitchell
Indian Harbour Beach, Fla.

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