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Reader: Why do you bullies keep picking on Michelle Wie?

Why do so-called professional sports writers and bloggers hate Michelle Wie so much? It's like they are picking on your kid sister, the bunch of bullies, and in a game that won't let her be a true member for two more years, yet they resent her getting exemptions to play in games (mens or woman's), and that any game when which she is in, television ratings go through the roof - much like they do when Tiger Woods plays a PGA event.

You guys know who you are, including the article writer, and yes you are a bully. Get over it.

She is young, cute, talented and it is only when she has fewer distractions, she can only get better. IMHO, she should quit Stanford, like Tiger, and go pro, but that is a useless move now, because of the age rule, I believe - something like that. I know I will be watching whenever she is playing, and not the Neanderthal one-browers that make up the LPGA now. I haven't seen a really good looking woman since I saw Nancy Lopez's smile 20 years ago. (That may be a bit of an overstatement - I do like Ochoa, and a couple of the top 10 women, including Annika, especially Annika), but Wie is something very, very special, like a Nancy Lopez smile.

Be a friend, write something nice. Quit beating up on teenage girls.

Ray J. Annis

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  • Michelle Wie

    Florida Mike wrote on: May 7, 2007

    My daughter and I have always enjoyed watching Ms Wie play. Michelle was instrumental in getting my daughter interested in Golf. There are some bigoted A**holes that pick apart anything that she does, but I pay them no mind, as Ms Wie will prove herself in the end.


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