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Could be time for PGA Tour pros to get real like the rest of us

I enjoyed your comparison of the PGA Tour to weekend golf for the average joes of the world. And I agree that the Tour players are spoilt when playing on immaculate courses every week (along with the valet cars, lunches and 5 star hotels). But lets face it, these guys are entertainers not golfers and so they probably earn all the extras that we don't.

Golfing in France presents its own special challenges, 6-hour rounds (the French don't know about letting faster groups play thru), NEVER repair pitch marks & they think that raking a bunker is too menial a task.

Golf courses are usually pretty good although the bunkers are real hazards with clay like sand, no drainage and stones that destroy your clubs.

We also play all year round, unlike the woosy Americans who scuttle inside at the sight of the first raincloud.(In our golf group of 12 international players there are a couple of Americans who usually only play when the weather is perfect).

We've played in pelting rain, in snow storms (using orange golf balls) and in howling icy winds as well as in 100 degree temperatures....real golf for real golfers unlike the perfect conditions the PGA Tour players moan about every weekend....which is why the U.S. Open was so fascinating to watch....more of the same in future please.

Christo Fourie

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