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Reader: Organized PGA Tour 'season' draws new viewers to golf

Professional golf should be like other pro sports like football, basketball, etc. There should be a "true" season.

Tiger Woods
Reader's suggestion of a season-long "PGA Cup" would give Tiger Woods one more thing to win.
Tiger Woods

Now, I don't claim to entirely understand how pro golf works, but there should be a schedule, like in Formula One racing. The golf "season" would begin at a Point A and end at a Point B - that sort of thing.

Whenever the PGA Tour golf season begins, the first match, or tournament, would be at such and such a place on such and such a date, then the next tournament would follow whenever it was scheduled, then the season would end when the tournaments wound their way to the final tournament.

All pro players would have to "qualify," i.e. make the cut, for each tournament on the schedule. The winner of the tournament would not only receive the money and trophy from the tournament, but the winner would also receive valuable PGA golf points.

Perhaps the player who wins a tournament receives 15 PGA Tour golf points, then the top 10 or so finishers would receive PGA Tour points in descending order. If more than one player is tied for any position in the top, then both players would receive equal points. Then on to the next tournament.

At the end of the season, the player with the most points wins the PGA Cup and a PGA purse of X amount of dollars. I was thinking that if, for example, there were 12 tournaments on the season schedule, then every PGA player would have to play in at least 10 tournaments.

I was thinking that there would be a restriction, and that each player could "only" play in 10 tournaments. Each player would be free to choose which tournaments they wished to play, but they could only play in 10 of the 12 tournaments, or 12 of 15, etc. Perhaps a lottery would decide which tournaments each player played in.

Players would be free to play overseas or in other tournaments if they wished, but in order to win the PGA championship they must participate in at least 10 of the 12 PGA tournaments in order to win the PGA Cup and collect the prize.

This way, novice viewers of golf have something to follow and look forward to - a championship tournament, a PGA Grand Prix.

Perhaps there are playoff-type tournaments. For example, in order to participate in the last three or so tournaments of the year, you must have amassed a certain amount of points by a certain point in the season, or you will be denied participation in the final big-money tournaments of the season.

So not only do you receive money from a tournament win, but you would also receive points that would determine if you were PGA champion. This would certainly force all players to play much, much better if they wanted to win the championship, wouldn't you agree? What do you think? It would be like the "Chase" in NASCAR.

Maurice Anthony Rose

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