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Tiger Woods' new career as a golf course designer baffles reader

How does a professional athlete like Tiger Woods all of a sudden say, "I'm going to be a designer?" Is it ego? You don't see football players designing stadiums.

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods has shot for the sky as a professional golfer, but will he have as much success as a designer? One reader is skeptical, at best.
Tiger Woods

So tennis players design clothes...ask the Williams sisters how that's working out for them. I'm not saying Tiger has nothing to offer. I'm sure he has a point of view based on his experiences - which is another way of saying, "I'll copy someone else's design and stamp my name on it."

There are some, maybe a few...ok, one player who can design golf courses, and even he's smart enough to partner with somebody who actually does the work - of course I'm speaking of Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw.

"How do we protect ourselves from Tiger?" The answer is simple: Hire Rees Jones. After a couple of years, when the novelty has worn off, Rees Jones will bulldoze the Tiger Tracks and make them golf courses.

Jim Ellis

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    CHRIS wrote on: Nov 15, 2006

    I must agree with Sid. Davis love is doing it and nothing is said. Ernie Els has done it here in my home town a course called Whiskey Creek and nothing is said. Why is it that when someone like the Tigers and the Michael Jordans decide to venture outside of there game they get all the negative people and attention. Who knows how Tiger will do? None of us. To pre-judge is being ignorrant. Lets see what he produces and then make a reasonable judgement. Wouldn't that be the best thing to do?


  • Interesting

    sid wrote on: Nov 10, 2006

    It is intresting to note that no one
    is badmouthing Palmer, Norman,Brad, Love, and Ernie for their designing ventures,


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