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Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus? Give it a rest, says blog reader

Awww come on now...let's give this red herring argument about Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus a rest, OK? Nicklaus is a cranky old geezer having hard time swallowing Tiger's record busting juggernaut; throws rocks and stones. The important thing is the competition, not the cat fighting and hurt feeling and feelings of geriatric inferiority (man that was a stretch, I admit it). OK, kibitzing sells and makes blogs more interesting, but we got spitfire throwing race cards around and using phrases like, "lily white men", and somehow any of us that wonder about Wood's impact on golf as being anything but savior-like are painted with the racists, bigot brush...Yaaaawn.

Nicklaus was, and is Nicklaus and Tiger is, and will be Tiger. This Maury PovichJerry Springer crap...well it's below the game, yes? What headlines are we hoping for: Nicklaus Vows To Destroy Usurper Woods, Nicklaus Wets Pants As Tiger's Win-Rate In Majors Exceeds His Own, Woods Plots To Drive Nicklaus Into Cardiac Arrest - Relentless Assault On Record, etc, etc, etc..... Chill out, Yeah, record breaking is part of sport statistics and history, but what the heck Tim, did Jack refuse to sign an autograph for you or something?

The comparison thing is fun, but does it need to get nasty? Well, OK makes for more fun to read, but...well here's an interesting comparison of sorts that involves Nicklaus. I was watching a CBS special called Jack and The PGA Championship. Jack was showing his 1968 money clip he won from a longest drive contest. SO in 1968, given the club and ball technology of the time and comparing it to the hi-tech gear we all enjoy today, Jack won with a 341 yards 17 inches boomer. Man that's pretty good for them days. Just for the heck of it, not wanting to embarrass or anything like that, but I'd like to see how far Tiger could cork an drive using 1968-ish equipment. Has he ever done that?


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