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A 'blockhead' golf blogger on the credentialing quandary

Regarding Tim McDonald's Inside Media column on golf bloggers and credentials, no doubt a certain level of journalistic integrity and professionalism needs to be at the forefront when representing one's employer. Certainly, poor conduct and unprofessional behavior leave a bad taste in the mouths of those who hand out the coveted media passes.

Where, then, is the line drawn to determine who gets credentials and who doesn't? I have no clue. Who's to say an eighth grader can't cover the Masters and provide superlative coverage? I guess you would have to look at the person's track record. I have followed the Solomons for some time now, and they are a reputable duo for sure.

As for your typical "blockhead" bloggers like me, all I can say is that personally, I get tired of reading the same stories day in and day out. I like to keep informed, but it gets to a point where I get bored with reading the same regurgitation of events in the golf world. Catching up on the Nationwide Tour, the European Tour, and the Asian Tour is somewhat rejuvenating. This, in my opinion, is because they're not as whored out as the PGA Tour or even the LPGA. The absence of the throng of journalists at any one tournament can lead to interesting back stories as well as untapped headlines, as opposed to the embedded bevy of journalists at every PGA Tour stop who render the same lackluster summaries of the comings and goings of our weekend warriors.

I've probably missed the mark as to directly addressing your quandary regarding the Solomons' repudiation by the LPGA, or maybe I've nailed it perfectly in my own oblivious way, but I think you really nailed it when you said, "Be the first, be innovative, lead the way."

Matt Karlak
The Undaunted Duffer

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    Ralph wrote on: Jun 8, 2006

    First off bloggers are not real journalists. When you represent a real print golf publication and have a proven track record of legit journalism you can ask for media access. I don't think TravelGolf.com fits as real journalism, more like a step behind tabloids.


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