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USGA made the right call on square grooves, reader says

Is there anyone with an IQ over 45 who is going to argue with the decisions made by the USGA when it comes to the use, or abuse, of square grooves on golf clubs? A level playing field under any set of rules can and will make for tighter competition in the pro game and really won't have any impact on recreational players, who we all know cheat - oops, I mean "fudge" - their scores under any conditions on a regular basis.

Squares Grooves
Reader Chuck Collet salutes the USGA's stance on grooves.
Squares Grooves

So here we have it, a rule that will allow the Corey Pavins of the tour to compete with the muscle-bound, four-hours-at-the-gym-a-day, under-30, over-6-foot human mechanical wonders of the Tour. Players with true talent will not be diminished by the introduction of a rule that makes them play up to a more uniform standard than they have had to until now.

The "Tigers" or would-be "Tigers" of the golf world have a well of talent so deep that they will simply adjust their game to the new rules and continue to astound us all with their incredible performances. One more advantage to the new rules will be an end for the need of continuous tweaking of old golf courses, and the need to build 8,000-yard-plus golf courses so only the top 10 golfers or so on the Tour can make the fairway off the tee.

I'm sure the time will come when technology combined with physical prowess will demand a revamping of the game again (hopefully after I am on the wrong side of the fairway sod), so let's all enjoy the game, stop the bickering like a bunch of teenage girls over their favorite rock diva and go out there and just have some good old-fashioned fun, both on the golf course and while watching our golf "idols" on TV.

Chuck Collet

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