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USGA Does About Face, Says Palmer Will Stay

Note: After USGA President Trey Holland adamantly said that Arnold Palmer could not carry the torch as a spokersperson of the USGA, the USGA has done an about face and said he will continue to serve as the volunteer national chairman of its USGA Members Program.

The USGA immediately distances itself with its president's remarks.

Far Hills, N.J. - The United States Golf Association emphasizes that Arnold Palmer will continue to serve as the volunteer national chairman of its USGA Members Program.

Palmer has held this position since the inception of the Members Program in 1975 and helped the program grow to more than 900,000 individual golfers.

"There's no one who has done more for the game of golf than Arnold Palmer," USGA President Trey Holland said. "Our relationship with Mr. Palmer has benefited our Association greatly over the past quarter century. He says he wants to continue to help us grow the Members Program. We intend to work with him to accomplish this goal."

The Association and Palmer have disagreed regarding the use of golf equipment that does not conform to the Rules of Golf. The USGA supports the use of only conforming equipment in the game.

The USGA has had several discussions with Palmer about this issue since it first arose in mid-October of last year.

"We hope that continuing discussions can allow for a suitable settlement of our differences," Holland added. "We're trying all we can to find common ground."

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