Mark NessmithThis Week at June 6, 2006

Enough Tadd Fujikawa hype! At 16, Michelle Wie is an interesting story too

I can't tell you how sick I am of all this hype about some teenage Hawaiian kid trying to qualify for the U.S. Open!

I mean, qualifying for the U.S. Open - come on! Big deal. It's not like some teenager is really going to win the thing. It's just a circus thing, a freak show.

So that's IT! No more talk about Tadd Fujikawa!

So he's 15. So he qualified whereas guys like Brad Faxon and Jesper Parnevik came up short! "Tadd Fujikawa!" "Tadd Fujikawa!" I am so sick of reading about Tadd Fujikawa!

But you know, I have been curious about another Hawaiian teenager. Her name is Michelle Wie. She tried (and failed) to qualify for the Open. It's difficult to find anyone with an opinion on Michelle. After much searching, though, I was able to locate a group of people who feel strongly about her. These folks left plenty of comments on the blogs over the past, ohh, year and a half or so. But over the past few days, they were really keyed up. I grabbed a few of the more interesting comments and posted them below.

Have a read. Meanwhile, I'm off to look for more information about this Michelle Wie.

Alex: "The only thing that I find more egregious than the ridiculous fawning over Bubbles ... is the politically correct and nauseating commentary by the Wie sycophants on the Golf Channel. If one would believe their bootlicking tripe, there isn't a person connected with golf on Planet Earth who thinks that Bubbles isn't the coming of the golf Messiah."

Phish: "Her dream is to be the best she can ever be...which in the zeal of youth is the best in the world. Too bad 99.999% of lazy obese American kids do not share so drive and verve."

true sports fan: "Kobe Bryant- $3.5 million (as a 17 yr high school grad) plus $7.5 million in endorsements. All this before ever playing a game in the NBA. Sidney Crosby-(NHL) $2 million plus incentives, and a $6 million contract with Reebok. 18 yrs old, no NHL experience. LeBron James- $4.6 million, plus endorsements with Nike for $90 million, and upper deck trading cards for $1 million. All at the age of 18 and no games played in the NBA. $90 million by Nike, yet Michelle only got $5 million. hmmm Who got underpaid?"

Steve Overmyer of Sportsnet New York: "I will be out there on Monday, covering an event for the ages."

Jay: "If Wie don't play, We don't watch. It is not about the 'hype', but about the excitement, energy and grace that Wie brings to the tourney..."

Judy Lee: "Even if she finishes last she can't be humiliated. She's a 16 year old girl playing against seasoned pros. But any man she beats will be humiliated !"

As always, welcomes your comments.

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