Chris BaldwinThis Week at Dec. 12, 2007

High-end hotels: Give golf travelers a break, drop the ticky tack charges

The easiest way to tell if you're in a high-end hotel isn't to check the thread count on the sheets, the plushness of the pillows or the swiftness of the room service. No, the surest sign is to check how much you're paying for an Internet connection.

If it's at least $10.99 or, more routinely these days, $14.99, you're in a hotel that thinks pretty highly of itself. If it's a $30-a-day, no-chance-to-decline resort fee, you're living large. Or at least shareholders in the hotel's parent company are living large off you.

Welcome to the ticky tack zone of nice hotels.

The better the resort and the more expensive the room rate, the more likely it's going to hit guests with more hidden surcharges than a third-rate credit card.

Stay in a Hampton Inn or similar chain where the rooms are often as nondescript as those in a nursing home and you get more freebies than a Hollywood Starlet collecting Oscar gift bags. Your Internet access comes with the basic room rate, as does a breakfast buffet and parking.

In a 4- or 5-star hotel, all that can easily set you back another $60 a night.

It's the bane of fine-thing-loving golf travelers who pay their own way (something I'm not going to pretend travel writers do). It's also as absurd as Michelle Wie ever being compared to Tiger Woods.

Do you think providing guests with Internet costs a four- or five-star luxury hotel any more than it does a Fairfield Inn?

Better hotels hit their guests with ticky tack charges because they're confident their customers are just going to shut up and take it.

From the wonderful beach-hugging resorts of Hawaii, to the Mickey Mouse palaces and golf resorts of Florida, to (gasp!) even Canada's nature wonderlands of Whistler and the Okanagans, the places you dream of staying charge you extra for every little thing they can think of while you dream.

Filmmaker Michael Moore may swoon in envy of Canada's universal health care, but when it comes to ticky tack luxury hotel charges, our neighbors to the north are in the same boat as us.

It's time for the intelligence insults to stop, though, time for the high-end chains to show as much respect for their financially comfortable guests as a Best Western does for their budget ones.

Great hotels need to rise above low-down charges.

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