Mark NessmithThis Week at Feb. 21, 2006

The Donald calls to take on our (non)
ranking of Trump National L.A. course

The Donald reads He doesn't always agree with it.

Donald Trump called West Coast Bureau Chief Chris Baldwin to discuss's recent ranking of the 10 best golf courses in Southern California. Specifically whether Trump National L.A. deserved to be on the list. "I was reading your story on golf in Southern California ..." Trump began after being patched through by his personal assistant.

In the story, Baldwin wrote: "These are all courses you can play whether Donald Trump returns your phone calls or not. (By the way, the Donald's new Trump National didn't make the cut). It's no doubt the start of great debate, liable to be as cozy warm as most of Southern California."

Right on cue, Trump took us up on the debate. "Everyone's pretty much loved it," he told Baldwin. "Everyone except for you, really."

The billionaire business tycoon/reality TV star then invited Baldwin to come out and experience the course for himself and make judgments off that. TravelGolf.coms Top 10 series are based on experiences of head professionals, travel industry insiders, architects, personal play and - most importantly - the feedback of regular golfers.

"It's not often you get a call saying Donald Trump would like to speak to you and he's suddenly on the line," Baldwin said. "Usually as reporters, we're chasing those kind of figures down, trying to get a call back. They're not seeking you out. But we encourage feedback from all our readers. Whether they're mega rich course owners or average everyday golfers.

"I took the Trump challenge and will let our readers know how it turns out," Baldwin continued. "Trump National L.A. will be getting an honest review like every course we visit. That's all Donald Trump asked for, a look. He was very friendly about the whole thing."

Look for Baldwin's verdict soon at Trump can't fire him.

As always, welcomes your comments.

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