Chris BaldwinThis Week at Jan. 2, 2007

As a dad, Tiger Woods will not use those same baby excuses that Jack Nicklaus did

Sergio Garcia needs to put down that glass of champagne. Adam Scott should save that Crocodile Dundee yelp for another occasion.

They all - the whole gutless lot of pretend challengers in golf - can forget about Tiger Woods taking a step back because he's having a baby.

Not that you can blame Sergio, Scott or anyone else destined to be dominated in the era of Tiger for hoping against hope. After all, it's pretty much their last grasp at seeing any consistent major hardware. (Hopefully, Phil Mickelson's smart enough to realize his time's gone, no matter what Tiger does.)

Maybe, just maybe, though, Tiger will become so enamored with the dad thing that he losses a little focus. After all, Jack Nicklaus himself has said that having kids took some of his concentration from golf.

Only Tiger isn't Jack. This is one of the reasons Woods is going to smash Nicklaus' majors record.

Nicklaus got married at age 20, had kids before he even dropped that reputation for being a fat kid from Ohio State himself. And if you don't think it's a far different sports world today, even comparing the lives of the very best golfers on the planet, you should be helping O.J. search for the real killers.

Tiger's kid will have so many nannies, bodyguards and personal baby chefs that the entourage will more closely resemble an army.

This doesn't mean Tiger won't be a doting dad. Maybe, he will even say something similar to what Nicklaus said: "I refuse to have my kids go off to college and say, 'Gee, I wish I had known my dad.'"

It's still not going to affect his preparation for the majors: the only tournaments that matter to him and history. Woods will find plenty of time to get his exacting work in for golf's four yearly Super Bowls. He'll play enough to stay sharp enough to crush his peers' spirit.

Anyone who thinks Tiger will put everything in his life aside for his child the way Earl Woods essentially did for him is dreaming. Tiger Woods was raised to rule golf. He isn't about to stop.

He'll leave any diaper excuses to Jack.

As always, welcomes your comments.

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