Brandon TuckerThis Week at Sept. 5, 2006

Tiger Woods takes fifth W in a row, when
can we start talking about Nelson's streak?

Tiger Woods called Vijay Singh's third-round 61 at the Deutsche Bank in Boston a "good round of golf given the conditions."

For most pros a 61 is a "good round of golf considering the Tour has banned unlimited mulligans." But this was just another instance of Woods' psychological warfare that has the rest of the PGA Tour currently petrified.

Woods went six-under in his first seven holes Monday to turn a three-shot deficit into a two-shot victory over Vijay Singh for his fifth W in a row. It doesn't look like anyone's going to be stopping Woods any time soon. It's safe to say his best golf has yet to be played and that's simply scary. His repeated Sunday (or in this case, Monday) dominance is so consistent you'd think he was pulling a Lawrence Taylor and sending women and blow to the hotel rooms of anyone else on the leaderboard come Saturday night.

That's meant to be a compliment.

But after accomplishing in a decade what most can't accomplish in 30 years of playing Woods' video game on beginner mode, it seems the two marks that would be most impressive would be breaking Byron Nelson's record of 11 straight victories, and winning the Grand Slam in a single season.

I will make the prediction that both will be accomplished in the next three years. Byron's record may be broken on his current streak. Vijay Singh is far from his prime and was the only serious threat to Tiger this week. Ernie is hurt, Phil is toast and while the Euros are bound to stomp all over the U.S. squad this month at the Ryder Cup Matches, none of them can beat Tiger individually right now.

With the silly season upon us, diluted fields will abound and every tournament Woods shows up to, he'll be a heavy favorite. We don't have to question his "mental toughness" anymore either - if he wasn't playing golf on Labor Day, he'd bring his killer instinct to a backyard game of lawn darts.

Until someone else on the tour has a miraculous four days of golf, Woods is about halfway to 11 in a row, maybe more.

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