Chris BaldwinThis Week at May 23, 2006

Dog-walking golfers show how
off the wall pet owners can be

Who suddenly decided walking your dog while playing golf is a fine idea?

Everyone's seen these dog-walking golfers. They're inevitably in a cart themselves while their dog sprints every which way in crazy pursuit. And it seems like you're seeing more and more of this special annoying breed.

The owners, not the canines.

I ran into a twosome with three dogs in tow on a pretty nice course in Palm Springs. What's next? Babies on golf courses?

Of course, that will never happen. Not because of common sense though - because babies are a less pampered group than dogs in much of Western Civilization.

You didn't have to watch the fawning live coverage of Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro's post-surgery press conference to recognize that animal people have lost their minds. Sure, it was tragic to see Barbaro shatter his leg in a sport designed solely for so-called "animal lovers" to wager on. But did we really need to see his vet answering questions with more self-confident smugness than Kobe Bryant?

I know I'm in danger of sounding like's resident Howard Dean liberal William K. Wolfrum here, but while Barbaro was being fussed over, there were crippled veterans being ignored and homeless folks stepped over.

Which brings us back to dogs on golf courses. Only self-indulgent pet owners - and there rapidly appears to be no other kind - would even have the gall to attempt something like this. I have nothing against dogs. I had a great basset hound named Eric as a kid. But no one needs to see your four-legged friend on the fairways. It's a golf course, not a park. If you're too lazy to walk your dog around the block, hire some kid.

Forget the fact that most dog owners don't clean up after their friends (that's one unplayable lie we don't need). It usually slows everybody down and takes away from course ambience.

Ruff no.

As always, welcomes your comments.

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