Chris Baldwin This Week at August 16, 2005

Mickelson's PGA victory
brings out the fuzzy math

Phil Mickelson wins his second major with a clutch chip from the deep grass on day five of a seemingly never-ending PGA Championship and suddenly the entire math of pro golf is changing. Well, at least it is for those so desperate to see Tiger Woods with a rival that they'd figure out a way to make New Coke look like genius if it advanced their cause.

Mickelson gets his second one-stroke major victory and suddenly we're hearing about how it's Tiger 2, Phil 2 in majors since 2004. Then, CBS commentator Jim Nantz gets on a national radio show just hours after the finish at Baltusrol and says he expects Mickelson to win eight majors before he's through.

Look, Jim. We know Mickelson is your buddy, but eight majors? He's 35, isn't going to be asked to serve on the President's Council For Physical Fitness anytime soon and, if you listen to blogger Doug Carey and other Phil-for-sainthood campaigners, he's liable to chuck golf as soon as his 2-year-old son Evan asks why he's not coaching the tee-ball team.

Mickelson showed more resolve, more guts and more heart than the other guys still playing on Monday. Of that even this longtime Lefty Lampooner cannot quibble. He should never be called the Good Guy Gagger again (that one was for memoriam).

But expecting him to suddenly go on a majors binge based on what you saw at Baltusrol is like expecting Paris Hilton to suddenly stop shooting videos because she's on her way to the altar. Phil's brother Tim could come out on the tour and be allowed to play best ball with Phil while everyone else stuck to stroke play and there wouldn't be eight Mickelson majors.

And you know what? There's nothing wrong with that. Mickelson has put on an incredible run of entertaining golf. He could decide to focus his energy on replicating that Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl bet tomorrow and still be the second most memorable golfer of his generation.

But please, stop the fuzzy math.

Putting up Tiger 2, Phil 2 only works if you include the worst year of Tiger's majors career in the equation. Somehow, I don't think Tiger's kicking back in Isleworth with Elin muttering, "Damn! Mickelson's caught me."

Yet, the craziness continues. Yahoo Sports put up a poll in the hours after the 72nd hole birdie, asking how many majors Mickelson would win in 2006. Four was one of the possible answers. Yeah, Phil's going to pull off the Grand Slam!

Not that much really changed at Baltusrol. Tiger's still competing against history. Maybe Mickelson's no longer fighting against himself so much. Maybe.

As always, welcomes your comments.

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