Chris BaldwinThis Week at March 28, 2006

Rush Limbaugh's instant
Michelle Wie golf controversy

Did radio king Rush Limbaugh go Donovan McNabb on Michelle Wie?

In an interview with no less?

It's apparent that Limbaugh thinks that Time magazine tried to make it seem that way. After Time published a Wie Q&A that asked her what she thought of a comment taken from our interview with Limbaugh, the radio king sprang into action. He not only talked about it on air Monday, in a hilarious diatribe (listen here), he posted the transcript on the front page of his Web site under the blaring headline "I have nothing against Michelle Wie!"

Yes, Rush Limbaugh is unafraid of the vast liberal media machine. But those Wie Warriors, that's ... that's another matter. Those fan crazies are fearsome. "I just wanted to mention it, because there's a lot of Michelle Wie fans," Limbaugh said on air. "I have nothing against her."

When I look at our interview and Time magazine's question, I can see where Limbaugh would be a little taken aback. Time did only latch onto the first sentence of his answer, "It's a triumph of marketing" and use that for their Wie question.

Plus, Limbaugh seemed genuinely shocked that Time would pick up something from Apparently, he didn't hear about Donald Trump calling us to discuss why one of his courses wasn't Top 10 ranked. Maybe Limbaugh just thought golf would be a controversy-free zone.

When I read over Limbaugh's comments to me on Wie again, they don't seem overly incendiary.

"It's a triumph of marketing," Limbaugh said. "If she really wants to play with the men, it's fine. Let her try for a tour card. But now it's a marketing tool they're using to build her up to a level much greater than her actual accomplishments. At some point, she has to get some wins."

Of course, I'm the guy who's long said that Paula Creamer is better than Michelle Wie now, will always be better than Wie. Some Wie Warriors would probably argue I'm not the best judge.

Limbaugh might not have helped his own cause with this funny on-air I love Michelle Monday discourse. "I'm going to start answering these questions like politicians do," Limbaugh said. "'What do you think of Michelle Wie?' 'Oooooh. What a future. Oh, man, have you seen all these tournaments that she's won? I don't think anybody can keep up with her.'"

All those tournaments she's won? No sarcasm there.

Then again, that's what Limbaugh does. He gave an equally cutting riff on seeing that the interview was posted at our site. "It figures that I would end up doing an interview with somebody who runs a Web site called called," Limbaugh said on air.

See, he makes fun of his own golf game more than anyone. Limbaugh's reverence for golf and all its history seems genuine when you talk to him. I believe him when he says now, "If anything I'm jealous of (Wie)."

What about you? What do you think? Did Rush Limbaugh go Donovan McNabb on Michelle Wie?

As always, welcomes your comments.

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